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 MCAC806 is designed and manufactured using DSP vector control, closed loop servo drives with low-cost and all-digital AC.It includes three adjustable feedback loop control which are position loop, speed loop and current loop. It has stable performance which suitable for driving voltages between 48V and 80V, and the power below 400W AC servo motor.


  • More than one kinds of pulse input mode (Pulse + direction, CW / CCW double pulse, A / B phase pulse)
  • Servo reset input interface optocoupler isolation ERC
  • Current loop bandwidth: (-3dB) 2KHz (the typical value)
  • Speed loop bandwidth: 500Hz (the typical value)
  • Position loop bandwidth: 200Hz (the typical value)
  • Motor encoder inputs upright post :differential input (26LS32)
  • RS232C interface parameters available to download via PC or text display
  • Overcurrent, I2T, overvoltage, undervoltage,Overtemperature, speeding, over-differential protection
  • The green light indicates running and the red light indicates that the protection or offline


Technical indicators

  • DC input voltage range 36 ~ 80V (48V typical)
  • 200W continuous output power
  • Continuous output current 6A 32KHz PWM
  • Overload output current 18A (3 seconds)


Default communication speed 9.6Kbps (requires additional interface converter)


Use of the environment:

 Avoid dust, oil mist and corrosive gases

 Working temperature : 0 ~ +50 °C

 Storage temperature : -20 °C ~ +80 °C

 Humidity : 40 ~ 90% RH

 Cooling: Natural cooling or forced air cooling



  • Overall dimensions 171 × 99 × 44
  • Weight about 550 grams



  • Action value over current peak 30A ± 10%
  • Overload I2t current action value 300%
  • Overheating action value 80 5S °C
  • 85V overvoltage voltage action value
  • Action value 18V voltage undervoltageMaximum pulse input frequency 300K


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przyłącze RS232C

przyłącze RS232C